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A Stress-Free Summer Camp Experience

It is an extraordinary experience for a child when have the chance to attend a Summer Camp. There is a plethora of friends, fun and activities to look forward to. Parents on the other hand may have a different experience. While they are happy to see their child frolic in the sun with a smile, […]

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The Many Benefits for Children at a Summer Camp

Summer Camps are known for song filled days and relay races to the finish line. On the other end of the tug of war rope, there is a following of positive benefits for your child. A Summer Camp setting leaves an imprint that can impact children and teens emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing. Different Camps […]

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The Two Types of Summer Camps

Summer vacation for school age children and teens is one of the most anticipated times of the year. It signifies a break from classes and early morning routines. Fun in the sun and friends may be on the agenda, however keeping them entertained for the whole Summer can quickly become a perplexing topic for parents. […]

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