A Stress-Free Summer Camp Experience

It is an extraordinary experience for a child when have the chance to attend a Summer Camp. There is a plethora of friends, fun and activities to look forward to. Parents on the other hand may have a different experience. While they are happy to see their child frolic in the sun with a smile, it can be a worrisome time as well. There are a few tips that can put your mind at ease when your child is away.

The Summer Camp List

The first task to cross off the “did I remember to” list is to have a packing checklist. When you have the right items packed neatly in their duffel bag or suitcase, you take wondering out of the equation. You might feel it’s a bit chilly outside one night and immediately fret if they have their warm sweater or jacket. The same applies for just about every scenario you encounter through the day. The importance of a list will eliminate the probability of forgotten items.

Keep in Camping Touch

You may have some anxiety if you do not hear from them for a specified amount of time. Waiting for a text, call or letter can seem like a longer time to you than it does for your child. Try to remember they are running along a scheduled itinerary. Circles of friendships and activities can last from sun up to sundown. Have a chat with your child and agree on a certain time of day they should check in. Children in most instances do not understand the concerns we have unless we explain it to them. As always, trust your intuition. Most camps have a means of communication for you to contact your kids and their counselors as needed.

Healthy Summers

If your child has an allergy or condition that requires certain attention, it is vital to communicate this to camping staff members. If you leave it to your son or daughter to remedy the situation on their own, you will feel more uneasy. Children tend to not pay as much attention to the beginning signs of a problem or reaction. The camp office will have the paperwork necessary and this will also lessen your apprehension. Counselors are alerted to each of their campers medical needs. They are trained to keep a watchful eye for underlying circumstances to reduce any medical risks. From food intolerances to physical restrictions, list them all in advance for proper prevention.


Small gifts from home can help keep a child from feeling homesick. A favorite stuffed animal to a small blanket they sleep with will make you both feel better in the long run. The small things can fall by the way side if we are not careful. Hair brushes, sunblock and plenty of socks are often forgotten. Check your Summer camp guidelines for any items they need or are not allowed.

This will ensure safe Summer for your child and a less stressful one for you!