Fun and Fair Games at Summer Camp

Everybody plays and Everybody wins is the motto for Summer Camp Activities. The setting of a Summer Camp promotes a positive environment for Campers. Children have diverse pressures to achieve academically, socially and athletically. When they go to a Summer camp it is a chance to socialize and participate in activities as a team or group without expectation. For a few weeks, children of all ages will remember to run for fun and not only to cross the finish line.

The science behind this method holds many benefits for Campers. Summer Camp agendas are designed to advocate sportsmanship and fairness. The Activities include team building exercises, independent strengths and new opportunities. Summer Camp Staff and Directors create an atmosphere where diverse interests and talents can come together. Through the Summer, kids can learn about themselves and explore their own potential through the Activities at Camp.

Summer Camp Circle Games – These games are set in a circle. It is a unified position where everyone is facing each other and can communicate as a group. There are various games that can be played with a ball, ribbons, crafts or words. No one leads or is left behind with circle games making it a top choice at Summer Camps.

Camp Cooperative Games – Bringing together diverse groups of children is not an easy task. Cooperative Games are great ice breakers that make Campers feel comfortable. There are no right or wrong answers, all it requires is cooperation as a team. Physical activities and story building are incorporated in groups or teams.

Summer in Nature Games – To encourage a meeting of the minds, Camps use Nature around them as a resource and tool for Activities. Scavenger hunts , leaf finds and fossil searches allow the children to work together. Whether they are putting together clues or matching their findings to facts, they will work together for a common goal.

Improvisation at Camp – This Activity gives everyone a chance to be themselves. A game or reenactment piece is assigned to each Camper. They act out the problem, solution or scenario while building off what the  others say and do. This can be a humorous way to spend the day at Camp.

Physical Camp Games – Without focusing on just one person, teams are made to participate in these games. Versions of Tag and Relays are set up for Campers to have fun while using up some of the days energy. Staff is usually watchful that everybody has a turn and a fair share of the Activity.

Arts and Camping Crafts – Different games can also be creative. Individuality is encouraged and expressed through painting, drawing or handmade crafts. Campers can make items for home or make gifts that will be passed on to one another as a memory of the Summer.

Summer Camps are a wonderful experience for kids and teens. Through the process of learning about themselves they will achieve something greater than a trophy, they will have gained…

Friendship: and isn’t that one of the most important things?