Helping Your Child Through Summer Camp Farewells

Children at Summer Camps form bonds and friendships that can last for several years. Saying their farewells on the last day of Camp can be difficult for a Child at any age. The underlying issue is the impact this will have on the Childs future interactions. If they do not adjust in a healthy and positive manner it can introduce anxiety or fear of making new acquaintances in the future. Parents can assist by making a plan before and after camp that will inspire their children. It is necessary for kids to understand the dynamics of beginnings, endings and everything in between. Having the proper perspective ensures they will be able to handle the social building blocks around them.

Camps have games that are a team experience. The purpose of this style of participation allows an equal ground among peers. Children become accustomed to the concept of winning or not making the cut from a young age. These activities help remove some of the individual pressure by including a team effort. It also opens the door for Children to get to know one another without the competitive surrounding we see in schools.

After several weeks, the Campers go their separate ways. Children may have different reactions as they reacclimate with their life at home. There are several ways Camp friends can keep in touch with one another throughout the year of separation.

Dynamics of Summer Camp Friendships

Friendships Made – Friendships are based on mutual respect and a common thread of thinking. Children who see this balance are more prone to have long term friendships in their life. If they meet a Friend, time and distance may not be desirable, yet it should not completely impede the bonds created.

Summer Camp Plan – Campers will generally attend the same Camp for years. Friends can make a plan to reacquaint during the Summer. Having someone you know, and trust is comforting for a child when away from home for an extended period of time.

Social Media – We live in a time we can have consistent contact with friends and family around the world. From emails to social media platforms, keeping in touch has never been easier. Messages and pictures can be exchanged with the push of a button. Another technological option available is live chatting through your phone or computer.

Pen Pal Writing letters are a great way to encourage your Child to communicate with their friends. Writing techniques are polished while they get some off screen time. Waiting for a return letter can seem to take longer than instant messaging, however it is a good experience for them to have. Having a Pen Pal is a fun way to stay friends after the Summer.

Children will gain confidence in themselves and their abilities while away at Summer Camp. With the knowledge they can make friendships that are not in their backyard will assist them in social and academic dynamics throughout their life.