How Children Benefit from a Journal at Summer Camp

Growing up, there are countless memories we experience. Each scenario offers a hand in how we cultivate our character and personality that stay with us through our life. At Summer camp we are able to make these connections through a series of events. As the years go by it easy to forget some of our defining moments. Encouraging your Child to keep a journal both at home or away at Summer Camp has many benefits that will help in their development.

The benefits of keeping a journal are well known. From their younger years to older adolescence ages, a journal will do more than hold memories, it can inspire them on a day to day basis.

Writing the Day

The moments and minutes that fill the day can be written in a journal. How your child feels about the happenings around them and their thoughts can be echoed in the safety of their Journal. This assists their process of thinking as they convert their perception to paper. Doing this can help them configure any breakdowns of information that contribute to their thoughts allowing a clearer picture of the situation.

Memories in The Making

Trying to remember the details of our day can be almost impossible. Writing in a Journal keeps track of our memories in the making. At Summer camp there is an opportunity for several adventures that will be almost forgotten through the year. Keeping them written down will ensure their memories are never lost.

A Journals Reflection

Keeping a journal is not only used for a stroll down memory lane, it can be helpful to promote reflection. Children will have many learning lessons they can reflect upon at a later time. This shows them their growth, reactions and feelings in the moment that may help with a future situation. Seeing their own journey offers confidence in their efforts that can be most beneficial.

Taking a Deep Breath

Children are known to either say everything they feel or go to the opposite extreme and hold it all in. When a Child keeps their feelings or thoughts to themselves it can build to an unhealthy level. Depression and anxiety are common in adolescence due to the mounting pressures they have around them. Keeping a Journal will help release some of their frustrations in a healthier way. Whether they are Summer camp, school or home, they will be able to vent anything from joys to disappointments they may have.

A Step Away

When a Child writes in their journal it provides time away from the business of the day. Phones, tablets, games and computers have definitely taken the center of attention. Just as reading is a smart alternative, using a journal has the same balance that will benefit the in the long run.

Journals are an official sidekick of Childhood. Understanding their own feelings and thoughts are essential to a positive thought process. Being able to translate these into a realistic approach will aid them to becoming successful in their endeavors.