Is Your Child Socially Prepared for Summer Camp?

As Summer Camp season approaches, preparations are made, and bags are ready to be packed. Having all of the essentials and completed checklists will make you feel set for the Summer. The question that remains is, how Prepared is your Child for Summer Camp? Whether your Children are new to the Camping scene or seasoned Campers, preparing them will require more than we can fit in their suitcase.

A few weeks away from home will undoubtedly have a full schedule of activities, games and Social settings. In each, your Child will be faced with choices they will have to make on their own. Summer Camps are staffed with counselors to supervise events and the Children during their stay. They may not be involved in every conversation or moment through the day. These small gaps present times when your Child or Teen will make independent decisions.

Preparing Your Child

Much like school, there are several kids of similar ages that attend Summer Camp. Your Child will have the opportunity to meet and mingle with others who may not be from the area. Differing backgrounds, beliefs and environments come together for the Summer. Preparing your Camper ahead of time will ensure they are ready for any Social aspects they may experience. Some conversations involving real world scenarios are both necessary and difficult to have with our Children. Some of the specific situations will include information that will extend beyond their Camp days. It will make an impact that will stay them for years to come.

The Social Aspects that may arise are a definitive part of growing up. Your Childs reaction or participation will help strengthen their resolve while building positive character traits. These topics are a part of the mainstream society we live in. Instilling the thought process from a young age will make the transition easier into varied Social applications. It is vital to review before attending a Sleepaway Camp as your Children will be away from your daily interaction and guidance.

Preparing for the social aspects of Summer Camp should be personalized for your Childs personality. Alongside their individual needs, there is a wide variety of matters to cover in your conversations.

  • Differences in Appearance- At Camp there will be many Children who have their own unique attributes. Often times, kids are isolated or bullied if their appearance is not identical to others. Sharing a cabin, meals and activities brings Children together. Teaching our Child to respect one another for their differences will go a long way for a happy summer.
  • Differences in Beliefs- Many religious, political or social themes are integrated at home. Most families have their own beliefs. Your child can remain true to your traditions while understanding the value of allowing others to have their own convictions.
  • Differences in Behavior- Peer pressure is very real and can be hard for kids who try to fit in. It is vital for all Children to know the different behaviors they might come across. This will help them not be persuaded to do or try things they would not partake in at home.