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Pros and Cons to Sending Your Child to Summer Camp

If you attended summer camp as a kid, then you know that summer camp can be a lot of fun for children. Children can benefit so much from a summer at camp. Camp is more than just a place to send your kid to be looked after. Kids can have tons of fun at summer camp as well as benefit for a lifetime from it. Camp teaches kids life skills, provides kids with many different opportunities, and allows children to interact with others their age. Just like with anything else, there are pros and cons to summer camp too. Keep reading to find out exactly what those are.

Tents in the woods
Tents in the woods

They’ll get to unplug

Kids these days are glued to their laptops and tablets, it can be hard to get them to do or think about anything else. Even adults are always on their devices doing business, checking emails, and at times, playing spinning games online. With kids always watching Youtube videos, making new TikToks, and chatting with their friends, they forget that they can actually go outside and interact with people their age. It’s a great thing for any child to unplug from their electronic devices for awhile. Going to summer camp is a great way to allow your child to take a break from the digital world for a while and just enjoy being a kid again.

They’ll get to be active

At summer camp, kids get to be really active. They are always running, jumping, and playing. They partake in many different physical activities that are going to keep them active and in shape. If kids are at home all day during the summer, more often than not, they’re sitting in front of the television while eating snacks. That is not good for young children. They need to be outside, moving their bodies, so that they can stay healthy.

They’ll meet new friends

Summer camp is a great place for kids to meet new friends. At camp, there are so many different children there from all walks of life. Your child will meet other kids that they might not ever meet, otherwise, because they may attend a different school. Meeting and interacting with different children is crucial for child development, especially emotional and social development.

It’s can be pricey

Summer camp can be expensive, but it is worth it. If you know your child may want to attend summer camp each and every year, it may be a good idea to start saving at the beginning of each year, that way you’re not hurt by spending the extra money. However, if camp is something that is completely out of your budget, it may be a good idea to let your child sit out for that year. You could always send them the following year.

They may get homesick

All children miss their parents and siblings when they’re away from home. Going to summer camp is no different. Even though camp is a lot of fun and they will meet new friends, they can still get a little homesick. It’s important to get your child to understand that it’s only for a few weeks and that they will be back home with you in no time. Even though your child may miss you, it’s so important for your child to have that opportunity away from you so that they can become more independent. Your child will learn to rely on themselves, as well as other trusted adults and peers. It will allow your child to think independently which can help build self-esteem.

They could get hurt or sick

Of course, anytime your child is away from you, you worry about them getting hurt or sick, and you won’t be there to help them. Your child could end up getting hurt or sick anywhere, and there is a chance they may do so at camp. They may get stung by a bee, fall down and hurt their knee, or get chicken pox for the first time. There’s a chance any of those things can happen. However, there are plenty of responsible adults that will take good care of your child if anything were to happen. Also, camp will make sure to contact you if any of these situations may arise and you’re more than welcome to take your child home then and there.

Summer camp
Summer camp

There are just as many pros as there are cons to sending your child to summer camp. Ultimately, the decision is up to you as the parent on whether or not you want to send your child. It will be nice for them to get away, interact with other kids, and it will even give you a break. If something were to go wrong where they got hurt or sick, you could always go pick them up. Summer camp can be a great adventure for many children.