Rainy Days at Summer Camp

Summer Camps are a rain or shine operation. It can be unpredictable and inevitable to face a day or two of rain. The theory behind Summer Camps is to adventure in the outdoors with a schedule of activities for each day. Impromptu inclement weather will bring the expedition indoors. Camps are prepared for a Rainy event with a long list of plans to keep the campers occupied.


Summer Camp sites will generally have a few cabins or buildings on the premises. They have different assignments such as a dining area and social room. The social room is a common room that is usually set up with furniture and games. Cabins are found throughout the grounds with accommodations for the Campers. This is especially handy when everyone needs to make their way inside from the rain.

In Order

It is important for camp staff to maintain a sense of order and safety when conditions are less than sunny. They do this by preplanning strategies that work under any circumstance. When it comes to orderly fashion, the counselor rallies their group into the direction they need to go.

Storm Essentials

Summer Camps follow set guidelines when it comes to weather preparedness. Emergency kits are accessible with first aid essentials, flashlights and communication devices. There are predesignated maps for shelter points and a procedure to follow. Camp staff is thoroughly trained before they take on a position for the Summer.


In the event of an energy loss to the camp, there are generators for the kitchens to keep the food from spoiling. Children are resilient and will enjoy flashlight stories and fireside chats when the rain clears up. Most situations are temporary, however in the event of a long term issue they may decide to release earlier than expected.

Staying Busy

While indoors there is plenty of busy activities for Campers. In some moments they might retreat to their cabins to enjoy some social time with their fellow roomies. Books, magazines and lots of conversations will get them by until the sky is blue again. In other instances, they may gather in one of the bigger buildings for some group activities such as:

  • Board Games- Several smaller games are played or room games similar to Trivia, Pictionary or Charades.
  • Karaoke- With or without an official machine, singing is a fun way to pass the time. Guitars or a piano may be available to add to the cheerful songs.
  • Meet and Greet- A good opportunity to get to know your neighbor, meet and greets allow each person to tell the group a little about themselves.
  • Crafts- Spending time making a special craft is creative and brings a tone of self-expression to an indoor day.

Times of Rain at Summer Camp doesn’t dampen the fun. With a solid plan in place, Campers are kept safe and entertained. In fact, they may have such a good time, they’ll hope for another Rainy day to come their way.