Summer Overnight Camps Can Add Value to Your CV

The acceptance rates of colleges aren’t as high as they used to be. It’s more challenging to get accepted into the school you’re dreaming of getting into so that you can work towards your degree. You need to have a better college resume if you’re looking to get a better probability of getting into your dream college. Going to a summer camp is an excellent thing you can put into your resume. This article will explain why summer overnight camp is unique to have on your resume.

Summer Overnight Camps Can Add Value to Your CV
Summer Overnight Camps Can Add Value to Your CV

It Helps You Build Your Confidence

Confidence is essential to have. It will be your uprising or downfall depending on if you have it or not. In some cases, it isn’t about your knowledge or skill, but it’s how you conduct yourself in terms of confidence and calmness. If you’re a nervous wreck when you’re at the interview in your dream college, you’ll be ruining your chance at being accepted.

You’ll gain the chance to get your confidence built by participating in summer camp activities such as public speaking and performing. If you’re prepared, you’ll have experience doing these things. When you get into college, you’ll already be somewhat experienced. It will become something you’re already familiar with beforehand. So, when you have to perform or do public speaking, you’re prepared.

It Helps You Develop Your Leadership Skills

A considerable advantage of going to a summer overnight camp is that your leadership skills can be developed. You’ll be running activities like workshops in some summer camps. You might also be working as an advisor, where you’ll be guiding the other attendees at the camp. If you’re looking to improve your skill in leadership specifically, then you can try and find a specialized leadership-focused summer camp to join. Those types of camps have activities and programs that are designed to hone your leadership skills specifically. So, if you have no experience at all with being a leader, then the camps will help you become an excellent leader by the time you leave the camp.

It Helps You Show That You’re Independent

When you go away to attend a summer camp, it will most likely be a frightening experience. It means that you’ll be leaving your hometown behind with your friends and family. It’s launching yourself straight into unknown surroundings. When you do all that, it shows that you’re at least a bit independent, which will be an attractive addition to your college resume. If a college knows that you’re independent enough to take care of yourself, then your college will think you’re an attractive candidate to accept. They’ll see that you can do your work without anyone telling you what to do.

When you were in high school, some systems were designed to help you learn and grow. You wouldn’t be an independent person during high school. But when you’re in college, it will be significantly different. It will be a surprise to many high school students when they have to adjust to the lifestyle of a college student. When you go far from home to a camp, it shows that you have the drive and ability to manage yourself without any support system. You will see that you can adapt to environments that you’re unfamiliar with and the challenges that come along with it.