The Two Types of Summer Camps

Summer vacation for school age children and teens is one of the most anticipated times of the year. It signifies a break from classes and early morning routines. Fun in the sun and friends may be on the agenda, however keeping them entertained for the whole Summer can quickly become a perplexing topic for parents. Younger minds have diverse interests and an inescapable short attention span. A fun resolution for staying busy during school free months is enrolling in a Summer Camp.

Summer Camp Sleepaway

There are two main types of Summer Camps. A sleepaway program is when young campers pack their bags with the plan to stay at the camp site. In general, there are cabins and restroom facilities already set up for new and repeating attendees each summer. Counselors and facility members remain on the grounds for day and night supervision. These camps will have staff that are assigned specific tasks. Cooking, janitorial services, first aid services and activities directors work together with the counselors to create a wonderful Summer camp experience.

The counselor interacts with the children on a consistent basis. They head up many of the planned events and keep their groups on schedule. The overnight capacity requires rules to be set and regulations to be followed. Counselors will help the kids stay within the guidelines for a healthy and safe Summer. Being away from home can be hard for some of the Campers. Counselors are trained to assist with these matters and make the children feel as comfortable as possible. Parents are encouraged to visit and attend family days. Depending on the location, they can span from a week of Camping up to eight or ten weeks in the great outdoors.

Day Camp for the Summer

The second way to spend time at a Summer Camp is called a day Camp. In this scenario, the Campers arrive in the morning and return home daily. They do not have on site accommodations for overnight stays. Food and snacks are often provided in between projects and games. Similar to a sleepaway Camp, counselors and varied staff are present. Day style Camping can be found in many cities and neighborhoods. They will sometimes have a specific theme that is centered around a particular interest. Others will plan a wide range of happenings to accommodate everyone.

Camps that are designed for daytime have schedules for a few days or weeks. The staffing needs are based on the hours they will be hosting Campers. Day Camps are gaining in popularity due to their close proximity to the child’s home. Many of the children know one another from school or make new friends from local areas. They can  learn and enjoy accomplishments through the summer and still be present at the dinner table every evening.

Summer Camp Summary

Summer Camps are a memorable experience for Campers of any age. Sleepaway and Day Camps have a multitude of benefits for the younger mind. It fills their Summer time with friendship, creativity and cherished lifelong memories.